I gathered together my treasures and put them in vaults, piling them dangerously high, that I might add more and more. They are my memories, my hopes, my desires, the essence of my being. Are they not proof that I exist? Behold my biography, recorded lovingly in so many little trinkets.

I Have Too Much Stuff

I collect collections. There is a word for that, but I can not recall what it is. If you know that word, please, send it to me, I need to add it to my collection!

As a Taurus, I am quite comfortable with possessing things, too comfortable perhaps. Yes, I am a pack rat. My largest collections are words (writings), books, videos, music, photos, and animals. Of course, each one has sub-domains. Given that I collect information, too, I have most of the components of each set listed in databases, but most are too detailed and too boring for presentation.

I have not updated these online lists in a while, but I have several hundred of my videos listed, with different ways to access them. Some of my other collections can be accessed, also, though they are terribly out-of-date. If you are curious, please click on the links.

video vault | audio library | print collection