I see your story, as if captured in some strange format. It seems so real. Yet, I can put you on pause and walk away.

Video Vault: cinema svinsanctum

Note: New titles are added every month. Check the index box to the right for the various listings.

My audio-visual collection, cinema svinsanctum, started out as a few VHS tapes back in the 1990s. Originally, it was comprised only of the films that I wanted to watch repeatedly. Soon, however, my OCD got the best of me. Thus, cinema svinsanctum now has grown to several hundred titles.

Curiously, I have had several people snidely ask: "Why would anyone want to watch the same movie more than once, since you know how it ends." Seriously? Do they not realize that we are everchanging, that each revisit is different? Those same people who ridicule repeated viewings of a program will, themselves, repeatedly look at the same photo or listen to the same song over and over. Of course, there is a difference – audio-visual presentations usually take longer to experience. Thus, truly appreciating their nuances requires more effort. Even a documentary or a cartoon gains new meaning when seen again. Enough on that...

My audio-visual collection contains several formats. As mentioned, the first additions were all VHS copies. Technology is always expanding, however. I even bought a laser disc of The Color Purple at a yard sale thinking that perhaps I would buy a player some day. I never did, so that film is the sole member of my laser disc "collection".

Next came the DVDs. Once the price started falling, it was almost as cheap to buy them as VHS tapes. When I discovered that high humidity in my old house lead to severe mold damage on many of my VHS tapes, I began replacing the ones that I liked the most with DVDs.

When Blu-ray discs arrived, I fought the urge. Alas, the quality was so much better and the prices dropped close enough to DVDs. So, the expense was no longer prohibitive. As if that were not enough, now we have Ultraviolet and digital copies. And, I like the idea of electronic copies, since I long ago ran out of room to conveniently store all my movies together. Still, I like having a physical copy of my favorites.

It is a curious thing that I can buy an UHD Blu-ray copy of a new movie in 2018 for almost the same amount of money that I paid for VHS in 1998. You would think that inflation alone would have whacked that reality.

Regardless, I quickly had some film selections on multiple formats. With so many formats, multiple copies, films and series, etc., it is difficult to give a number of just how many films I have at any given time. I was listing each copy separately, but I am now working on a new system with all the available versions grouped together under ONE primary title. That makes it easier to list multiple versions on the same disc, multiple copies on separate discs, and other such variations of the same primary audiovisual presentation.

The act of rebuilding the data library took weeks, but it was almost as soothing to my OCD as adding titles. Now, I just need to make time to watch some of the movies that I collected yet have never seen!