I had a dream that I traveled to a distant land where the people were kind and wise beyond compare, giving without thought of compensation, and I was pleased to find them, but upon waking, I found them gone, becoming just another memory of that which could be.

I Seek Truth

I am on a spiritual journey. I have struggled with the limitations we have imposed upon our selves and the insecurities others would have us embrace, instead of encouraging us to embrace our own magnificence as children of the Divine. It was not an easy journey, but it led me to my Joy Practice. That will lead me further.

I believe that from our present moment, in the magnanimous now, we can actually change not only our so-called future, we also can change the supposed past. Still, because I am the product of my "history", as I accept it, I must honor both my successes and my failures, for I am the sum of all my experiences. They make me who I am. If I do not like who I am, then I must change my thoughts and my reality will change accordingly, in all twelve directions of spherical reality.

One of the labels I have placed upon myself is "philosopher-poet". Through that side of my personality, I have taken to writing sermons as a way of sharing my feelings on reality, on spiritualy, and on my own journey. If you are curious, please click on the links below.

More About My Beliefs

My conceptual reality and philosophical beliefs are a bit to convoluted to summarize on this page. If you are curious to know more below is a list of places to visit.

Seth-Roberts Center This is a website (now private) that I created to help me study the Seth material as it was given through the late Jane Roberts. Seth-Roberts (or simply Seth if you know the source) presents a model of reality that resonates strongly with my personal belief system, mondusaif philosophy. His terminology is somewhat different, but his detailed explanations are helpful to me in discussing my own ideas of reality with people who are unfamiliar with concepts relating to the greater reality of which the physical realm is but a small part. I update it several times a week.

batok mondusaif This was actually one of my first websites, but it is also the one that gets the least attention. It is a "translation" of Jakob Lucerne's batok mondusaif, roughly translated as philosophy of mondus (a realm in which Earth resides). It is a difficult process both creating the website and translating the concepts into modern American English. I am learning website design languages to help with one, and studying Seth-Roberts to help with the other.