I feel the earth beneath my feet. I breathe her breath which each inhalation. I live in her bosom.

My Plants

I have a Hyponex plant guide… somewhere. Still, I suspect having all (or many) of my plants listed on this website will make caring for them much easier (see Plant Galleries, right-side menu). Mind, as a Taurus, I have a certain affinity to the Earth. I have found that I can grow most things, but not in the same locations. For instance, while living in San Diego CA, I could not kill an African Violet if I tried; however, back in Georgia, I have trouble keeping them alive.

Here on Fort Mountain, I have a different set of issues with which to deal. It is a little cooler, much higher altitude, and much shadier. I like having trees, so unlike many people who live here, I do not cut them down "for a better view". What a strange concept: Move to the mountains to have a view of the forest and then cut the trees down to see them better. [smile]

When I moved "back home" in 1998, I was living in my grandparents old block house. Ma and Pa had lots of flowers. While their landscaping was not very creative, from late spring to early fall, the yard was wildly gorgeous. I added a couple of azaleas, several lilies, and a few other flowering plants. I also transplanted lots of the existing roses. They obscure the house now (a good thing), but the landscaping still leaves much to be desired.

In 2010, I more or less moved in with my mom, who lives upslope, overlooking my house. It is the house in which I lived as a teenager. We had lots of flowering shrubs but never any real landscaping of which to speak. My 2014 Easter photos made it very clear how bad things look around here, so I have decided to get to work. I want to clear some of the clutter, mostly junk. I need to clean the vinyl siding, and I need to do some serious landscaping.

Last year was my first attempt at growing vegetables up here, a failed project. By summer, with all the trees in full foliage, I get only partial sun to full shade around most of mom's house. Unfortunately, the best sun is in the parking area. So, partial-shade loving and shade-loving plants are what I will be planting, mostly.

Because I have so many interests and distractions, I completely understand that I will soon forget what I plant and how to care for it, so this section will be my reference. I will use the botanical name (taxonomy), when I am able to find it, to alphabetize the listings. Then, I will break up the collection into subsections or galleries.

To get me started, I am using the generic information found online. See: sources at the bottom of each page for some of the websites I am referencing. I am also using photos found online. Hopefully, if the plants all grow well, I will be taking my own photos. I did get lots of deliberately unflattering photos of the current landscape as a "before" reference. I doubt that I will show them anywhere until I have an "after" photo to go with them.

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