When I was lost and full of doubt, I wandered into the forest, and there under a rock, I found the meaning of my existence.

I Believe in Mystery

Life is full of hidden meaning; however, it seems that much of it yet alludes me. Sometimes, though, I get lucky and find the most delightful things when I least expect it, manifested desire. [Thanks, framework 2] Case in point, the image below (found via an internet search) and the CSS3 code (found on W3Schools' website) to make it move and tilt were both detours from the "expected" path I had planned to trod. Thankfully, I followed my spontaneity.

I really do believe in the mystery that blesses us. All we need to do is welcome it, and our desires begin to manifest. By the way, if the fairy below is not bobbing around, you need to update your browser.