Ever turning, the cycles appear to wax and to wane, and we flow into the spaces between the moments, only to see that the change was always waiting, and we are simply becoming that which we always were.

Memorials for the Dearly Departed

This memorial section begins yesterday plus. That would be a long time ago if you believe in linear time. (I believe in spherical time.) I began my memorials by devoting pages to relatives who had passed away recently (in that yesterday). I mean no disrespect to other family members who have passed and are not represented here. I just had a lot more time "back then" to work on these.

I may get around to creating more. For the time being, however, I am adding photo galleries instead. They will include memorial services, funerals, gravesides, and other events remembering those who are no longer with us in this now.

Memorial Pages
Linda | Tommy | Shirley

Memorial Galleries

Unless I need many more pages, the gallery access will be on this page. Click a photo to go to the gallery page that you want to view.