You greeted me as I came into the world, and slowly from there we became strangers. Then we had reunion, and you became my friend. When the time came for you to leave this world, having been blessed by your presence, I saw you to the door.

In Memory of Uncle Tommy

Tommy & Kenny Tommy Johnson, a.k.a. "Crazy Tom", passed into the blessed realm on Wednesday, 2004 October 20.

He was an avid knife collector and seller, both locally and as a partner in The Four Corners store in Georgetown, Tennessee, and for fourteen years he was a much loved fixture at the Big "D" Flea Market in Dalton, Georgia.

Tommy is survived by his two daughters, Debbie and Donna; his only sister, Patsy; his youngest brother and sister-in-law, Kenneth and Pam; his sister-in-law, Bonnie and his friend Wayne. He leaves four grandchildren; eight great grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews.

He also leaves his friends Kenneth, Beth, and special friend Janice, whom he loved as family.

The family would like to thank Georgia Mountains Hospice and Hospice of Chattanooga for all the care and kindness they so lovingly gave to us all, and to Bernhardt Funeral Home for assisting with the arrangements.

Tommy's ashes were buried next to his brother, Jimmy, in Winder, Georgia, who, along with brothers Billy and Don, greeted him on the other side.

Tears of Sadness, Tears of Joy

So few the days we shared this journey,
And so thankful for them all am I,
Though I shed unhappy tears now,
I can not help but smile as I recall the laughter,
Fond memories that comfort me,
Even as sadness comes to reap its bitter harvest.

But why this down trodden mood?
Where is the sense in lamentation,
Why is there not a celebration?
For have you not taken to angel wings,
And gathered among the hosts of heaven,
To watch over us that are yet waiting?

Though we may selfishly cling to loved ones,
Even unto the very brink of death,
There is no need of fearful parting,
For there is joyful noise awaiting,
And truth shall show us soon enough,
Life is a light that can never be put out.

kasey [2004.10.25]