To remember you through all the years is to smile as the past parades across my mind.

In Memory of Aunt Shirley

Shirley Shirley Glass was one of my three paternal aunts. She was born 1945 March 18, the second daughter of Alvin Castleberry and his second wife, Clara Mae. She lived in Dawson County, Georgia, where she took care of me often during my childhood, especially after my parents divorced when I was six years old.

Aunt Shirley passed away on 2004 November 19, only 59 years of age. She was laid to rest near my father, grandfather, and grandmother at Mount Vernon Baptist Church, whose congregation was ever so kind in consoling our grief.

She was survived by her husband, Frank Glass; sons and daughter-in-laws, Johnny and Sandra Glass, Alex and Lori Glass; sister and brother-in-law, Sandra and Kenneth Mulkey: brother and sister-in-law, Cletis and Veronia Castleberry; and her grandchildren, Dana Woodall, Ryan Glass, and Natalie Glass.

Ever There

When my life began,
you were there,
with tears of joy.
When my parents split,
you were there,
with tears of comfort.
When I played dress-up,
you were there,
with tears of laughter.
When I needed punishment,
you were there,
with tears of sadness.
When I graduated high school,
you were there,
with tears of pride.
When I returned from afar,
you were there,
with tears of welcome.
And when you passed away,
I was there,
with tears of sorrow.
But grief is unnecessary,
for when I think of you,
you are always there.

kasey [2005.10.10]

Note: This poem was written for my Aunt Shirley after her passing. (Slight edit on 2014 APR 22.)