Am I so simple that you can put me in a box, with all the ingredients listed on the side,
wrapped ever so neatly and stored in the corner of your mind and then forgotten?

The List: 100 things about kasey

I can be rather silly at times. And, this "list" seems like the perfect platform to display that "talent". So, beware. Mixed in with the serious is an assortment of not-so-serious comments, hopefully not too silly. You will have to be the judge, however.

I considered not numbering the items in this list, since I think of time as spherical. Thus, enumeration is nonsensical really. Right?

Well, it turns out that it is easier to read when numbered. And, since I have found that an ordered list is a breeze to construct, I bow to the linearists, though just barely, for the sequencing of these "facts" remains chronologically irrelevant. (To thy spherical self be true.) So here goes…

    [Updated: 2014 Novemeber 16]
  1. I was born a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Oh, wait, that was Luke Skywalker. Actually, relatively speaking, it was neither that long ago (though not in this millennium) nor that far away (definitely in this galaxy).

  2. However, I might be a "star child", an idea that I do find rather appealing for so many reasons.

  3. Contrary to popular opinion, I am actually no more delusional than the average bear. [Then again, if I think that I am a bear…]

  4. Though I am a xenophile (not a Xenaphile) [well, maybe that too], I am quite content being a Southern boy, even if I do not talk like one. Still, I rather like the gracious manners given by my heritage.

  5. I really enjoy organizing things, then reorganizing them, over and over, often before the first phase is even complete.

  6. I might be a little obsessive-compulsive. [You think?]

  7. Actually, I have been diagnosed with a mild case of OCD. But, I find that it helps me more than it hinders me. So, I do not want to treat it. [Going back inside to make sure that the stove was indeed off has proved helpful on at least a couple of occasions.]

  8. I am a typical Taurus (slow to anger, slow to calm down). I am also fierce in defending my independence. Still, I am basically rather gentle. [Though, you might want to use "red" sparingly around me, just in case.]

  9. I am fond of most animals, including the "slimy, scary" ones like spiders, snakes, and humans.

  10. A want-to-be linguist, I understand a little of a lot of languages. Yet, I am not nearly as fluent in them as some people seem to think that I am.

  11. Just about everything interests me, at least a little.

  12. Mondusaif (Earth culture) is my foremost fascination.

  13. I am a philosopher by inclination, a sociologist by training, and would be a hermit by practice– if I could get away with it.

  14. I generally disapprove of labeling, even though it is a necessary and useful tool in our intellectual arsenals. That said, I think that it is too often wielded by unskilled thinkers in careless, unhealthy ways.

  15. "Eclectic" is the label that I prefer to wear, if I must wear anything.

  16. "Strange" and "weird" are more commonly the labels tossed my way. [One must always consider the source, eh?]

  17. For someone who does not believe in linear time, I sure seem to go through a lot of transitions – "through the years".

  18. I love databases and the lists they produce. What fun to organize! [Did I mention that I am a bit obsessive-compulsive?]

  19. I adore harmonic-contradiction, especially as applied to me. [Really, I am not completely delusional! I swear own both my hearts!]

  20. To me, the mind is like a house, where logic must be the foundation and faith must be the roof. Every room, even the basement and the attic, makes the dwelling special and unique. Most people spend their time in just one room, overlooking the charms and "flavors" that their other rooms have to offer.

  21. My house is always being renovated, literally and figuratively. And, I do not intend to lock myself out of any part it.

  22. Sometimes, I think that I am growing wise and enlightened. Then, I find something that one of my furry friends has left for me to clean up. After I stop shouting, I realize that I am just an ordinary man after all, full of human flaws and emotions. [Hey, that is kind of enlightened… LoL]

  23. I thank God for children and critters, since they keep us humble. And yet, they let us feel like giants on occasion.

  24. It is my opinion that there is no such thing as a stupid question. However, some people, including many teachers, are too "stupid" to realize this.

  25. Whatever I think that I know about a thing is, in actually, nothing more than a glimpse of its true existence.

  26. I have never understood why some people are attracted to me, given my unflattering self-image and independent disposition.

  27. I have been in love a time or two. And, whilst it was wonderfully intoxicating, I much prefer being in Joy – a state of being where love is the universal bond, not universal bondage.

  28. I believe in the interconnectedness of all things. And, I believe that this interconnectedness extends to our collective consciousness. As such, when we hurt another, we do, in fact, hurt ourselves.

  29. My alma mater is Georgia State University. Go-o-o-o-o-o-o Panthers! [Like I care about "bread and circus".]

  30. Once I acquire a thing, it is always with me in that "now". Hence, I do not miss things, not even people who have gone away. [Especially not some people.]

  31. I actually do understand that my spherical concept of reality seems really strange and confusing to most people.

  32. I always try to be polite and find rude behavior very trying to my "superior" patience, especially when I find said behavior coming from me.

  33. My favorite types of food are Tex-Mex and Mediterranean. My absolute favorite dish is a veggie feta wrap. [Yum!]

  34. Understanding that "perfection" is impossible in an ever-changing universe is a great reason for me to procrastinate. [As if I needed a reason.]

  35. I want to know everything. But, I really would prefer it to come without the bother of actually having to learn it all. [Often the hard way!]

  36. Whether it is because of my not-so-great physical health or my questionable psychological health, sometimes it is a labor for me to complete a task. Thankfully, I am stubborn enough to keep at some things anyway. [See, hypomania and OCD can be blessings.]

  37. If we create our own realities, then if I am unhappy, I am obviously not consciously creating my reality according to my desires. If so, then I certainly have no one to blame but myself.

  38. My favorite flavor is generally cherry. But, I do like a really dark, rich chocolate sometimes. Put them together in a really good ice cream and you get Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. [Oh, what delightful decadence!]

  39. I like all kinds of music. But, "alternative rock" is my favorite (Linkin Park, Green Day, No Doubt, et al).

  40. Mozart composed the most beautiful music ever imagined! [iMHO] He taught me that opera can be better than just "tolerable", much, much better.

  41. I collect collections: books, films, data, marbles, dinosaurs, critters, coins, pens and pencils, pictures, bottle tops, CDs, LPs, and more stuff. [You know, junk.]

  42. I am a bit of a pack rat. [Like that is a surprise with all those collections.] Nonetheless, I am beginning to release some of my material goods. Still, I love my collections with all the opportunities that they present for organizing. [Did I mention OCD?]

  43. I have not eaten mammals since 1979 July. And, other than a fish-and-fowl interruption from 1983 until 1987, I have not purposively eaten any other type of animal either. [As some say: "I eat nothing with eyes except potatoes".]

  44. Unless God is not everywhere and is soulless, I believe that everything, having come from All-That-Is, must have consciousness and must be, itself, divine. [namasté]

  45. My parents divorced when I was six years of age (linearly speaking). Rather than wishing that they had remained together, I think that they probably stayed together six years too long.

  46. My younger sister and I lived with my dad until I was 13. We moved around a lot.

  47. Whilst living with Father, I often went to two or three different schools a year. [No wonder I am such a loner.]

  48. I like to cook. But, I hate cleaning up afterwards. [Too bad that cleaning is not one of my OCD manifestations. That one would be very helpful.]

  49. Highway 52 practically runs through my front yard, a mere dozen meters from my front door. Fortunately, it is only a mildly busy two-lane, mountain road. And, it does expedite my trips to town.

  50. The Chattahoochee National Forest merges with the woods that are within four meters of my back door so when I am not heading out to civilization, I can always slip into nature. [Literally, if I am not careful of the mountain slopes.]

  51. My mom had two sons from her first marriage, David and "Buddy". We seldom lived together and never for very long. [I am curious, do two half-brothers add up to one whole brother?]

  52. I lived in San Diego, California, from 1985 April until 1990 October. I came back to Georgia primarily because of my mom's failing health. If I did miss things, I would certainly miss my North Park neighborhood.

  53. There was a time when I wanted to be a veterinarian. But, the series of possibilities that allowed for that eventuated only in alternate realities.

  54. I have fed several outside cats and dogs over the years, as well as all sorts of uninvited guests (opossums, raccoons, foxes, bears). Many of the cats have been semi-feral. 2014 was the year that I "fixed" the problem. Sadly, once neutered and spayed, they began disappearing. [Though, going from 30 to less than half a dozen is a blessing, of sorts.]

  55. Psychology was a brief interest of mine when I began college. But, after determining that I did not want to go to medical school to become a psychiatrist, I lost interest in it as a major. Besides, I did not want my professors to uncover my secret identity. [Psychologists can do that, you know? It is their secret power.]

  56. I lived in my grandparents' old house for ten years, without running water (on purpose). I moved in with Mom to care for her until her passing in 2014 May. Now, I care for two houses, both need lots of work, like me. [It is more fun to work on the houses than on me, though.]

  57. Sociology was the major that I finally decided upon, with a minor in philosophy/religion. It only took me some seventeen years to graduate, even with lots of extra credits at the start. [Hey, I first had to take some time off to grow up.]

  58. I have a wide circle of very diverse friends who often dislike one another. Sometimes they even dislike me. [I am speaking of the Geminis, of course.]

  59. My friends are allotted their own personal "nows" in my universe. So, I do not "need" to keep in touch with them as much as they think that I should. As my Joy grows, I have discovered that I no longer need to keep touch with some who refuse to give up their fear-based existences.

  60. My father died in 1987, whilst I was living in San Diego. Making peace with his memory was very difficult. The necessity for embracing forgiveness, of others and myself, is one of the greatest lesson that I have ever learnt.

  61. Contrary to some beliefs, when the moon is full, I do not dance naked under the stars, a fact that my neighbors no doubt appreciate.

  62. My favorite number is 13, maybe twelve, depending on whether I am counting base ten or using spherical mathematics (mondusaif duodecimal).

  63. Duodecimal philosophy and spherical mathematics float my boat and wins me a few of those "weird" labels to which I earlier referenced.

  64. Painting is an art form that I have never really explored. But, some of my pencils and inks seem pretty decent to me. Engaging in Art, in its various forms, is a Taurean requirement. If you do not develop artistic talent of some sort or the other, they kick you out of the astro-bull club. Seriously!

  65. My sister, Linda, passed away in 2002 August, leaving behind five sons (including two sets of twins), three husbands, and too many dogs to count.

  66. I am a twin, too, though my twin miscarried at seven weeks. My mother did not realize that she was carrying twins, so I was a "special" birth. [Hey! I heard that!]

  67. My brothers and I were all born at seven months. Our younger sister decided to make up for our hurried entries by waiting nearly eleven months to be born (or so says my mom). [Mind, this story was not always related the same way, when I asked.]

  68. I am writing a book, actually several. Fortunately, they remain mostly in my head (or computer files), where they are less likely to get free and hurt anyone.

  69. Whilst I advocate a live-and-let-live attitude, I sometimes catch myself compartmentalizing people and events in ways more reminiscent of those that I try never to emulate rather than those that I admire. [Hmmm? That seems to be a bit like labeling.]

  70. Buddy, my one-legged brother, had five children by three different women. All of his exes became friends of mine, much to the chagrin of some of my other relatives.

  71. Buddy was never married to his second, child-producing significant-other, Rachel, which is why I playfully like to call her "my deceased, one-legged, half-brother's ex-concubine".

  72. My brother, Buddy, passed in 2007 October and our older brother David passed in 2009 February. There is some interesting karma involved. Alas, it is not for me to share herein.

  73. I think that I think too much.

  74. My favorite book is Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein. I also like the Dune series by Frank Herbert, the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, and most of Steven King's novels.

  75. Spelling my name completely in minuscules (kasey) might seem contrived. But, I do so, not in an attempt to be clever. Instead, it is a reminder that names are unimportant in the greater reality and that "I am just an egg". [Grok?]

  76. My favorite philosophical book series is from Jane Roberts and the non-corporeal entity, Seth. I call this teacher Seth-Roberts and have a website devoted to him, Seth-Roberts Center.

  77. I tend to think spherically, which in practical terms often seems to mean wandering from subject to subject. [Or, in less polite terms, I am sometimes a bit scatter-brained.]

  78. Dancing by myself, without reservation, is something that I find to be wonderfully liberating. [And, it gives people, who need to talk about other people, something about which to talk.]

  79. I like working in the yard, especially gardening and landscaping. Though it is not always readily apparent to casual observation. [Fortunately, I have "before" and "after" photos.]

  80. I do not like doing house work, which, unfortunately, is something that some of my friends will only too willingly point out. [Friends who I obviously do not need. Bye-bye, now.]

  81. I much prefer dressing down to dressing up and mostly live in shorts, jeans, and tee-shirts. [Actually, I live in a house and wear the aforementioned items.]

  82. Neither my oldest brother nor I have any children, a fact that many "future" geneticists will likely write about approvingly.

  83. When the world was still young, I was a poet painting words upon clouds, they sometimes fell back to earth with Spring's happy rain, soaking the sadness of my dark nights before swimming to the endless sea, where they joined the ethereal choir in eternity. [The poetry still slips through on occasion.]

  84. Which niece or nephew is my "favorite" is always determined by the "now". As such, they mostly all have rotated through that dubious honor.

  85. I am not nearly as emotionless as some of my former significant others would have you believe.

  86. I am a true Taurus, in so many ways. But, believing in the "magnanimous now" and in self-created realities makes my astrological beliefs as unorthodox as is my philosophy in general.

  87. Singing seems to refresh my soul. I can not confidently report that it does the same for my audience, however. That said, I do believe that I can sing some songs really well. I am equally certain that I howl through others.

  88. Some of my favorite songs: "Underneath It All" by No Doubt, "The Reason" by Hoobastank, "Mr. Blue" by Garth Brooks, "Memory" by Elaine Paige, and "Jingle Bell Rock" by just about anyone.

  89. I sometimes wear shoes, even on both feet at the same time. And, they usually match, that is, my feet if not the shoes. Were I a woman, I would likely be barefoot and pregnant. As it is, I prefer to be barefoot and only appear to be pregnant. [The latter is not so much a preference, just a sad fact.]

  90. Spring is my favorite season. It always invigorates me: my mood improves, my energy increases, and my thumb grows greener with each increasingly warmer day. [Thankfully, a topical ointment usually clears that right up.]

  91. Time does not exist for me, not in the linear sense. I am always wherever I am, which is really no fun whenever I am sick or in pain or with some people.

  92. My favorite color is blue, especially cobalt blue, such as the dark, rich color found in some glass. My aura, however, is indigo, with an outer pink layer.

  93. When I am not feeling well, I generally become withdrawn and quiet, to the point that speech can be difficult. Thus I suspect that some people pray that I get sick more often.

  94. My favorite film is Lean on Me or Cloud Atlas or The Bird Cage or… Gosh, I love movies!

  95. My favorite things are always in the now. As such, they "seem" to differ from time to time, at least it appears as such to those who perceive time linearly. [You know, the "sane" ones.]

  96. I do not like the cold. I much prefer the heat. Unless we are talking about ice cream or summer beverages and not the seasons, that is.

  97. Once upon a time, I used to worry too much. At other times, I worried that I did not worry enough. On 2010 October 10, I finally had enough and began what became my Joy Practice. Now, I seldom anxious about anything.

  98. I seem to have found a gift in presenting sermons, something my previous anxieties would never have allowed. Unfortunately, my OCD still make writing them a challenge. But, again, I suppose that, too, is a good thing. [My sermons are in the "I See Truth" section.]

  99. Honoring the aforementioned harmonic-contradiction that is my life, I am enlivened by human contact. Still, though no man is an island, if I had my way, I would be.

  100. Lastly, I can be a tad verbose at times and just plain silly at others. Which, by this point, should be painfully obvious.