Grant me use of your hues, mysterious creator. Lend me sight of soothing blue, sound of vibrant red, and feeling of passionate green. Tint my world with all the flavors of your rainbow, then set me free to play amid the swirling colors of joy.

Poetry: Moments as Words

I am a philosopher-poet or pretend to be, whilst I amuse myself with thought. Here you can find some of my ponderings that have become verse. Click on a title in the right-hand menu to change which poem is displayed. New titles are this color. (Some of these poems may appear elsewhere, as well.)

Letting It Go

So much of life is drifting upon the stream,
no paddling, no steering.
Flowing ever onward
toward the sea that can not be seen.
Rapids and eddies, scenic and dull,
the trials and memories proceed,
pretending a linearity
that is unreal within its own reality.

Joyful noises made unto the Lord go unheard,
but only in my mind.
For I know that nothing falls upon the silence
without stirring a vibration,
and the Eternal can not help but feel it,
All-That-Is is the sound,
the voice, the ear, and the echo.
I am the I Am I am not.

Too long have I let this memory go unrecorded.
Too long have I let tears go unshed.
Too long have I kept my Truth in shrouds.
The Light must shine into the dark places,
upon the shadows of doubt,
even through the misty realms of my days.

Let me be mindful of my journey.
Command me to take the oars from their rest,
and demand me to steer my vessel, my life,
through the waters of rejuvenation,
to the shores of plenty,
toward the awaiting peace, the promise given,
almost taken but never fully embraced.

Mine is a dream that never fully manifests,
though I never fully awake
and only sense the moment
hiding behind the fog of illusion.
Joy, guide my vessel home.

[kasey v1 2018.05.26]

Note: I let another year go by before posting poetry. The rough draft appears as "Letting It Go" in journal svinsanctum.