Grant me use of your hues, mysterious creator. Lend me sight of soothing blue, sound of vibrant red, and feeling of passionate green. Tint my world with all the flavors of your rainbow, then set me free to play amid the swirling colors of joy.

Poetry: Moments as Words

I am a philosopher-poet or pretend to be, whilst I amuse myself with thought. Here you can find some of my ponderings that have become verse. Click on a title in the right-hand menu to change which poem is displayed. New titles are this color. (Some of these poems may appear elsewhere, as well.)


counting clouds I am
and naming them ralph
and pete and eloise
and laughing with them
as we play amongst the high heavens
and they name me seymour
which makes me smile
though I know not why
neither the why of the naming
nor the why of the glee
but then that is the joy in playing
being ever in the moment
and leaving the knowing for "later"

kasey [v.2004.12.11]