Lines across the sky, I drew, then a bit of paint, I threw, sometimes carelessly, always with affection. Then from within the growing pandemonium on the canvas, your image appeared in radiant glory, and humbly I realized that I was not creating you at all, merely following the guidance of our connection, to discover a different view of that which you had already become.

Artistic Drawings

I enjoy most all art forms, and though I have no formal training in any of them, I still like to dabble in several fields of artistic endeavor. Most of my visual art has been in the form of pencils, pen and ink, crayons, and such. The style is more or least comic book inspired or graphic arts. Some of my efforts, though not masterpieces, are not all that bad, or at least not bad enough for me to refuse to share them. Still, some of it is rather juvenile, playful and carefree. That is fine by me, for I am just a kid at heart.

CG painting of Vagabond (2004)

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