These are the pages of my history, the roots that bind me to the soil of my ancestral home. The blood that flows through these folk, through these rocks, through these memories, also flows through me, and for better or for worse, we are forever bound in the depths of our souls.

My Photo Collection

Actually, I have thousands upon thousands of fotos (my prefered spelling), most of which I have no intention of sharing, since I have neither the time nor inclination to devote the energy needed to create all the required galleries. I am planning on presenting many pictures, however. With the restructuring of this website, most of the galleries will be accessed from this page.

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Creature Comforts & Other Critters

Of course, pets are often considered children, and the critters at svinsanctum are my only beloved wards. I cherish them as others might treasure their own offspring.

Circle of Friends and family

These are photos from family gatherings, my social circles, and the sort. I would appreciate any help with missing names and with correcting information wrongly listed. Much thanks to those of you who have helped. {{{HUGS}}}

2015 Miscellaneous Photos

I have not taken a lot of photos this year. Here are a few from my trips and around Fort Mountain.