When the world seems too great, I seek respite from the madness. I slip away into my sanctum, tucked safely within the confines of my soul, and there, in neogenesis, I am born anew, a fire-child emerging from ice, eager to take on the world once more.

Welcome to My Reality

This NOW is Thursday, 2020 June 04

My mission is to stay centered in joy, to walk through spherical reality in truth and honesty, and to see only the worth and dignity in every being that I encounter.

Greetings, my name is Kasey. This website contains my pictures, my poetry, my ponderings, and all sorts of things related to me. Hopefully this cyber-trek into my personal reality will not be too unpleasant an excursion for whomever finds this realm.

Returning visitors will note that I change things up periodically. I have not done much on this website for the past four years except updating the movies. I have completely overhauled that section. If you feel the desire to comment, I welcome your remarks (Contact Me).

Incidentally, keep an eye on that pesky mosquito. It acts differently on different pages. Thanks for visiting.

namasté, kasey (2018.04.24)

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Spirit Song

How will you tell your story?
Will you shout it into the wind,
Or will you sob it whilst cuddled in mother's loving arms?
Will you dance it in the streets,
Or will you whisper it tenderly in your lover's patient ear?
Each life is a wondrous tale,
Made of sweet dreams, of sour sweat, and even of salty tears.
It is recorded in Spirit's song,
Forever drifting among the glorious moments of Eternity.
Will you sing a verse for me,
That I might know the Truth you hold within your beautiful soul?

kasey [2011.10.12]

Note: This was written as a reading for Mountain Light UUC.

Just what does svinsanctum mean?

Svinsanctum is a creation which exists partly in real space, partly in cyberspace, and partly in nether-space. It is an amalgamation of the physical, of the virtual, and of the spiritual. It is the material manifestation wherein I find my refuge. It is the philosophical construct wherein I find the meaning to my existence. And, it is the ethereal region between the ordinary and the divine wherein I find my center.

More simply, svinsanctum is my house and environs, this website, and an ethereal realm that is specifically the matrix of svin. What "svin" means is not simple, however. Let it suffice to say that svin is the greater energy essence within which my soul resides.

As to what the logo image means (at the top of the menu column)… It is a heart chalice. There are two bands of light radiating from it which symbolizes the union of Unitarians and Universalists. The heart symbolizes the center of our beings, and the flame symbolizes the never ending power of source energy, bestowed upon us through All-That-Is.