the twelve-point star

star12All aspects of spherical reality overlap, making casual distinction somewhat difficult. In batok mondusaif the twelve spheres are represented as a star with twelve unique points. The array resembles a clock but begins at the nine o'clock position and runs counterclockwise, similar to the arrangement of the Houses in occidental astrology. Notice that the star is formed of twelve overlapping lines.

As an allusion to the spherical nature of reality, the mondusaif numerals are displayed outside the star to suggest a circle, itself composed of continuous cycle of three shapes rotating along four axes.


12-color starThe color system employed with this symbol is based on trichromancy and follows additive color theory (using light) rather than subtractive color theory (as used in mixing paint). The colors run the visual spectrum (between infrared and ultraviolet) and can be grouped into twelve basic colors: three primary, three secondary, and six tertiary. Their arrangement also alludes to a continuous cycle, one made of three colors merging and diverging along a quadratic wavelength.

12 colors
In order, the colors are: red, orange, yellow, chartreuse, green, aquamarine, cyan, azure, blue, violet, magenta, and rose.

All things are essentially energy. As such, their vibrations have certain relationships that correspond harmonically. Sounds and colors are especially significant. There is also a tradition as to the chakras of which there are only seven (majors).

vibrational relationships
sphere RGB color   note hertz   chakra body
01 F00 red   C 261.63   1st root
02 FA0 orange   C#/Db 277.18   2nd navel
03 FF0 yellow   D 293.66   3rd solar plexus
04 AF0 chartruese   Eb/D# 311.13      
05 0F0 green   E 329.63   4th heart
06 0FA aquamarine   F 349.23      
07 0FF cyan   F#/Gb 369.99      
08 0AF azure   G 392.00      
09 00F blue   Ab/G# 415.30   5th throat
10 A0F violet   A 440.00   6th third eye
11 F0F magenta   Bb/A# 466.16   7th crown
12 F0A rose   B 493.88      


The mondusaif numbers in the footer (bottom of page) are arranged right to left. The symbol at the beginning and end is the null symbol, usually represented as grey. In linear theory, where null becomes the representations of some supposed beginning and ending, it would be presented as black and white (in hexadecimal, as 000 and FFF respectively). Since mondusaif philosophy is spherical, there is neither a beginning nor an ending, only an endless cycle with its focus as the magnanimous now.

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