sphere 12: mystery

The twelfth sphere guides us from the soul level as we adapt our personal perceptions to our shared reality. The forces emerging from here project mystery and are concerned with hidden realities that are often unknown to our conscious minds. If we submit to our higher selves, then we connect to spiritual inspiration, touch the cosmic consciousness, and hopefully find enlightenment, which allows us to build the inner strength we need to overcome the limitations, sorrows, and fears based in this world of illusion.

Though the aspects of the twelfth sphere guide our altruistic acts, they also allow the manifestation of purposefully deceptive deeds and acts that are unconsciously hidden. So, this can also be a domain for suffering and self-undoing, where we stand in our own way, where attract our hidden enemies (as opposed to the open opposition manifested through the seventh sphere), and otherwise prevent ourselves from becoming the enlightened beings who we essentially already are.

The processes of this sphere are mainly hidden from view, so when looking through it, the edges of reality become blurred. This allows us to exist in more ideal scenarios than the ones we create on the mental plane. Consequently, thoughts originating under the influence of this sphere may represent things of which we do not have a clear comprehension or of which we do not want to face. In some cases, we result to self indulgent habits to allow us to escape unpleasant realities without eliminating the source of pain, as a reality avoidance syndrome.

Our self-expression can be vulnerable and easily defeated, but the effect of our successes and failures are enormous on our personalities. When we pull some of our energy back into ourselves to keep it from being defeated or overwhelmed, if we are aware of what we are doing it becomes our hidden secret, but if the process is unconscious it becomes a rejected aspect of the self.

Areas of life affected by this sphere tend to be deeply personal, directed away from the rest of society. When the forces are social, however, they tend to be oriented toward large groups, not individuals. This aspect often leads to seclusion, either self-imposed isolation or imprisonment.

On the other hand, the spirituality that manifests from the twelfth sphere is more in tune with Universal Consciousness. The boundaries that separate us from other dimensions are dissolved as we release the hold of religious dogma. As such, psychic channeling and miraculous healing are higher potentials manifesting from this sphere.

the divine equation (duodenary aspect)
revelation + transcendence = mystery

  • The action aspect of the fourth sphere is the process of revelation.
  • The belief aspect of the fourth sphere is the promise of transcendence.
  • The condition aspect of the fourth sphere is the projection of mystery.

Since thoughts determine personal reality, one man's prison can be another man's field of dreams. ~ Jakob Lucerne


The twelfth sphere expresses the mysteries of life. In terms of personal reality it equates to I believe.

In occidental astrology, it corresponds to the House of Self-Undoing. It governs retreat, as well as the places that allow for seclusion and confinement (such as hospitals, prisons, and institutions). It deals with hidden matters, whether they are elusive, clandestine, secretive, or unbeknownst to the conscious mind. It is the House of the unconscious, governing subconscious processes, psychological health, and escapism. It rules self-sacrifice, mysterious disappearances, unknown enemies, and things which are not apparent to the self yet clearly seen by others. Additionally, the twelfth house represents reflection and the influence of mysticism, expressing past lives, forgiveness, atonement, a sense of the eternal, karma, and transcendence.

The twelfth house is ruled by the sign Pisces and the planet Neptune. The Latin dictum is carcer (prison).

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