sphere 09: wisdom

The ninth sphere expresses illumination, the path of life. It is concerned with knowledge, philosophy, long journeys, publishing, law, and life. In terms of personal reality it equates to I see.

the divine equation (nonary aspect)
understanding + truth = wisdom

  • The action aspect of the ninth sphere is the process of understanding.
  • The belief aspect of the ninth sphere is the promise of true knowledge.
  • The condition aspect of the ninth sphere is the projection of wisdom.


Mentors are influential guides, trusted counselors, and wise teachers from whom support is given. They help us with the process of understanding. They can be people that we know and have encountered, authors that we have read, or disembodied voices reaching out to us from the netherworld.

They offer their experiences and their insights to those willing to listen and to learn. Their origins are not so important. The lessons that they teach us are.

This section contains words from a range of guides and as well as indirect messages from a number of channels through whom various non-corporeal entities communicate.

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On the Journey of Life pack lightly but wisely, for all that you will have to appreciate your encounters along the way will be those things that you carry within yourself. ~ Jakob Lucerne


Ideology is the conceptual interpretation of the promise of truth. It dwells within us as a body of beliefs that steers us. It permeates our politics, our cultural guidelines, and our religions. It acts as the philosophical matrix through which we evaluate our realties.

Ideologies can be held as strict doctrines or simple suggestions. They can be derived from either empirical evidence or blind faith, but they always guide us on the journey of life.

This section contains direct policies of institutions, such as political movements and religions, as well as indirect implications of beliefs, such as customs and mythology.

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In occidental astrology the ninth sphere corresponds to the House of Philosophy. It governs foreign travel and foreign countries, foreign culture, long distance travels and journeys, religion, law and ethics, higher education, knowledge, and experience through expansion.

The ninth house is ruled by the sign Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter. The Latin dictum is iter (journeys).

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