sphere 04: roots

The fourth sphere expresses extension, the grounding of things. It is concerned with our home base and our concept of mother. From here the foundation which was laid for our emotional stability and ability to cope with challenges later in life are revealed. It guides the latter part of life.

This sphere influences the experience to be had in the home base and determines the nesting instinct. Here is where we send down roots and establish a base of operations, find our limits, and generally secure ourselves. In terms of personal reality it equates to I feel.

It links us to our earliest moments in the womb, and even before that. From here the undercurrents inherited from sources beyond this lifetime project themselves into our lives. It manifests the end of any searching we might have done in the third sphere.







In occidental astrology the fourth sphere corresponds to the House of Home and Family, also known as Imum Coeli. It governs home, real estate and property concerns, domestic issues, our private life, family in general, ancestry, heritage, roots, the early foundation and environment, the mother and mother figures, the caretaker of the household, and matters at the cycle's end. Additionally, the fourth house also represents our sense of security, self-protectiveness, our nurturing ability vs. our need to be nurtured, and our instinctive emotional responses.

The fourth house is ruled by the sign Cancer and the Moon. The Latin dictum is genitor (parent).

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