sphere 03: communication

The third sphere manifests understanding through information and provides what we know as a result of interactions within our community. This spherical community consists of our neighbors, our siblings, and any other individuals that affects our lives by close proximity. It is the source of all communication, and it heavily influences short journeys, letters, news, networking, and even rumors.

This sphere guides our rational thought and conscious mind, our memory, our speech, our early education and environment, our writing, and our communication. It is the source of our dexterity, skills we take for granted, our explorations, our investigations, our inquiries, and research of all kinds.

The methodology we use to share our life observations comes through here. It is the spherical aspect that filters information into our consciousness and sends it back out into our community.

the divine equation
relation + interconnection = communion

  • The action aspect of the third sphere is the process of relation.
  • The belief aspect of the third sphere is promise of interconnection.
  • The condition aspect of the third sphere is the projection of communion.

True communication is not just speaking your mind, it is also listening with your heart.

~ Jakob Lucerne


In occidental astrology the third sphere corresponds to the House of Communications. It governs lower education, the childhood environment, mental facilities, the family tribe (siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles), neighborly exchanges, neighborhood matters, short trips, local travel, and local transportation. Additionally, the second house also represents teaching, education, our mentality, the realm of ideas, variety, duality and adaptability.

The third house is ruled by the sign Gemini and the planet Mercury. The Latin dictum is fratres (brothers).

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