sphere 02: wealth

The second sphere deals with the physical plane of existence with regards to what we have in the material sense, describing both inner and outer resources. These assets form our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Through this sphere, our strongest desires are manifested and it guides the manner in which we meet our obligations. Consequently, it is related to our peace of mind.

Some of us identify with what we own; others with what we are. Both represent what we value, and we attract to ourselves that which we value. Thus this sphere is where we build our true value and develop our power of attraction. From here we draw on emotional and mental inner resources to deal with the situations with which life presents us.

Our outer resources are our finances and physical possessions, the movable property that we own (as opposed to real estate). These assets form our sense of security. As such, this is the sphere of liberty, because it allows options in life that having a secure financial picture produces.

This is the sphere of stability, of resourcefulness, and of slow, steady progress. It is also the realm of our value system in general and our personal feelings of self worth. Here we discover how a grounded life can be created, one that is self-sufficient and in line with our values.

the divine equation (secondary aspect)
acquisition + abundance = wealth

  • The action aspect of the second sphere is the process of acquisition.
  • The belief aspect of the second sphere is promise of abundance.
  • The condition aspect of the second sphere is the projection of wealth.

The true value of a thing is not measured in how much you enjoyed acquiring it but in how much joy you get in sharing it with others. ~ Jakob Lucerne


In occidental astrology the second sphere corresponds to the House of Wealth. It governs material and immaterial things of certain value, money, belongings, property and debts, acquisitions, cultivation and growth, substance, and self-worth. Additionally, the second house, also represents our personal likes, dislikes, deep emotions, and attachments.

The third house is ruled by the sign Taurus and the planet Venus. The Latin dictum is lucrum (wealth).

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