sphere 01: image

The first sphere is the beginning of existence. It allows thought-forms to manifest as physical objects that have discernable traits and characteristics. It represents the physical plane of experience and deals with the totality of the individual entity.

In humans, it corresponds to the physical body, the ego, and the general constitution (health and well-being). It forms the person we are becoming, both internally and externally. It addresses our personality, our presentation to the world, our essential qualities, our approach to life, our demeanor, and our basic sensibilities.

It is the sphere of identity and guides first impressions others have of us. Symbolically, it is the mask that we wear as we project our image into the shared reality. It determines physical appearance, body type, conscious self-image, and how others see and experience us. It is the window through which we view the world and through which others receive their first impressions of us.

The first sphere describes issues that are important to the person, issues that the person wants to resolve and master in this lifetime. It describes self-awareness and the experiences necessary for its development, including the early childhood experiences that shaped our self image and our outlook on life. In terms of personal reality it equates to I am.

the divine equation (primary aspect)
formation + being = image

  • The action aspect of the first sphere is the process of formation.
  • The belief aspect of the first sphere is the promise of being.
  • The condition aspect of the first sphere is the projection of image.

Whatever a person assumes itself to be is always reflected in its image, but assumptions are not always based upon fact, and looks are almost always deceiving. ~ Jakob Lucerne


In occidental astrology the first sphere corresponds to the House of Self and is also known as the ascendant. It governs physical appearance, traits and characteristics, first impressions, general outlook into the world, ego, beginnings, and initiatives. Additionally, the second house also represents our aggression, motivation, survival modes, and self-interest.

The second house is ruled by the sign Aries and the planet Mars. The Latin dictum is vita (life).

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