mondusaif philosophy

Mondusaif philosophy is a different way of looking at reality. Instead of assuming that space and time are linear, it presumes the universe to be a spherical construct. As such, the past, the present, and the future are all concurrent and interconnected, as are here and there. Aspects of time and space become intermeshed throughout spherical relativity and individual perception is always focused at a point called the magnanimous now.

An essential premise in this belief system is that Totality exists as multi-layered reality and that consciousness permeates Its entirety. Since all things are both individual and interconnected, there are infinite variations of reality, ranging from Absolute to personal.

Although humans seem to exist in a shared reality, the understanding of reality is ultimately personal in nature. Since personal awareness is entirely the realm of the individual, it is clear that personal perception is the key to creating personal reality. We all create our own realities.

The process of accomplishing our creations is the journey that each individual has embraced, either deliberately or by default. The goal of mondusaif philosophy is to encourage the individual to realize this fact and to release concepts that act as limitations on creativity, so that the personality can consciously create reality, rather than to be victimized by unconscious thought.

the divine equation

Mondusaif philosophy is a duodecimal-based belief system. Though the twelve spheres correspond to the twelve houses of occidental astrology (as evidenced in the twelve-point star logo), there are significant differences.

For one, the spheres are concerned with aspects of universal creation as well as with the individual manifestations of human existence. Most importantly, time and space are seen as spherical in mondusaif philosophy, so the ideas of fate and destiny, of future and past, and even of here and now are profoundly interconnected and not guided by cause and effect, at least not in the linear sense.

Astrology can be viewed as an extension of mondusaif philosophy, but the reverse is not true. Astrological houses attempt to understand human destiny in terms of planetary positioning, while the spheres in mondusaif philosophy simply attempt to understand the forces that guide creation.

Since personal reality is thought to be based upon the divine equation: action + belief = creation (a+b=c), then every aspect of being must reflect this equation. Therefore, the spheres of mondusaif philosophy represent the essential forces underlying the personal creation of reality. Each sphere also has a ranked aspect of this equation: primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, quinary, senary, septenary, octonary, nonary, denary, undenary, and duodenary.

The mountains that you must climb in your life were created one bit at a time. You can consciously construct your reality with understanding and confidence, creating a stable foundation on which to stand, or you can unconsciously and carelessly construct your reality and await the inevitable fall. ~ Jakob Lucerne


In philosophical terms, mondusaif means Earth Culture, more or less. It is pronounced moan-DUES-eyef and comes from mondus (sphere of humanity) plus aif (of or pertaining to). The term batok mondusaif loosely translates as mondusaif philosophy.

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